Ruby on Rails · about 12 hours ago

Counting things in Active Record

Seemingly it may seem that counting records in the database with ActiveRecord is straightforward. In reality, it looks more complex.
Ruby Core · 8 days ago

How Sidekiq really works

Explore the Sidekiq source code and learn how to use Redis
Ruby on Rails · 5 days ago

Cable Ready - use websockets in Rails app without custom JavaScript

For those who likes Action Cable but hate writing JavaScript
Ruby Core · 15 days ago

World beyond Rails - web frameworks

Discover web frameworks for Ruby
Ruby on Rails · 20 days ago

Rails value object design pattern

Isolate your business logic and make the code testable
Ruby on Rails · 22 days ago

Rails 6 and Stimulus.js - a quick launch

Add Stimulus.js framework to Rails app
Ruby Core · 6 days ago

Ruby Struct

Exploring Ruby Struct in depth
Ruby on Rails · 27 days ago

Rails procedure design pattern

Handle complex policy procedures with readable code